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  • 16Sep 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    CodeIgniter 3.0-dev is now the engine Candlecms 13.09-dev, since this morning the new version of CMS flagship solutions BYOOS Africa on deposits bitbucket ...


    To download without moderation and you will see the session management and bypass the bug load-> sessions with the core method / common.php: function & load_class ($ class, $ directory = 'libraries', $ prefix = 'CI_')

    All information on the website

    good use

    Gabriel -> Byoos DevTeam

  • 14Sep 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  
    BYOOS DevTeam began migrating CandleCMS with Codeiniter framework 3.0 which itself is under development.
    Already some problems arise on loading sessions CI Two methods are dedicated to this work
    Loader class:
    protected function _ci_load_class ($ class, $ params = NULL, $ object_name = NULL)
    Common class:
    function & load_class ($ class, $ directory = 'libraries', $ prefix = 'CI_')
    one considers the subdirectories of Sessions, the other NO, which is weird.
    Subsequently during testing
  • 9Aug 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    good evening

    Following the collaboration of developers France & Francophone Africa here our publications versus "OPEN SOURCE"

    the 13.04.05 version CandleCMS just released the software BYOOS foundry, we are proud to announce the birth of MYHOTEL publish version first production version.

    The strategy groups and associated rights is changed in this version:

    / *
    | ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
    | Codeigniter custom default permissions and group by group into db_table
    | ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
    | Array keys permissions - user_levels
    * /
    $ config ['permissions'] = array (
    'anonymous' => 1000,
    'superadmin' => 1001,
    'administrator' => 1002,
    'author' => 1003,
    'contributor' => 1004,
    'member' => 1005,
    'subscribe' => 1006


    select  byoos=>   candlecms_modules

    Good use

  • 7Jul 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  


    We are pleased to present you our latest publication Candlecms Version 13.04.2.
    This version supports the management of access rights to modules components also called AddOns.

    Both modules are presented with this version, it comes to electronic document management MLdocs and management MyHotel Hotels version

    Visit the foundry to BYOOS

    More information on the website



  • 18Jun 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  


    This is the new version 12.10.07 CMS (content management system) to update to version 12.10 STABLE CandleCMS

    2.1.3 CI is rather an updated maintenance and fixes some bugs of version 2.1.2

    Two modules are proposed as an extension MLDOCS manage electronic document GED MYHOTEL manage one or more MOTEL establishment

    being Dev => package tracking (transportation management and delivery mail, parcels ...)

    As for CandleCMS urlRewrting default mode has been disabled in order to facilitate access to CMS for less experienced users.
    This option (UrlRewrite) is an Apache feature to write a new URL on the fly. It is possible to activate the url rewriting after installation by following step by step the documentation CandleCMS.

    You are offered by this Developpment CandleCMSdevTeam France - Cameroon, good nuts!
    - The captcha libraries - Securimage
    - Template libraries
    - Modular libraries - ci_modular
    - The CKeditor javascript libraries
    - The flvplayer libraries videos - sounds - photos
    - The visitor base and counter data libraries under
    - Libraries Taggly Tag Cloud
    - Libraries Inktype Auth-Subscribe with SHA1 encryption and SEL

    POST, events, pages, CLASSIFEDS, contact elements (Cart), LINKS

    Templates, modules, users and groups, languages,

    good use

    One address


  • 26Jan 2013

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    Hello to you all,

    the new version 12.10 gets some patches on the management modules

    - Added a new module
    - A module suppresion

    OK, the database tables is cleaned of the module has been removed. The update is performed by Melanie through the development of Document Management Electronique MLDOCS.


  • 25Jul 2012

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    A télécharger sans modération sur

    OK, la gestion des modules est automatisée
    amélioration du support url rewrting  avec apache2
    quelques corrections de bogue

    vous avez devinez c'est la CANDLECMS  version 0.9.8  le système est codeigniter 2.1.2  full compatible.

    nous allons démarrer un forum sur le même site ainsi que la mise à jour des news...

    à suivre

  • 12Aug 2011

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    We are pleased to announce the release of the RC2 CandleCMS .09.2.

    - Documentation of the enriched specification developers
    - Multi-language front and back office
    - Recover forgotten password
    - Fixed some bugs

    Good use


  • 3Apr 2011

    posted by Gabriel  |0  Comments  

    welcome on Candlecms, a new content management system,this beta release is dedicated to developpers and graphic designers to allow them to adhere to the project;

    Good use



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